German Made

Now available in Systemat and Concept 130 product lines with an array of RAL colour options.

The German Philosophy

Kitchens to fall in love with; Elegant and charismatic, you will experience a kitchen collection in a class of its own. With so many sophisticated kitchen solutions, outstanding designs with great sensuality, we have it all. We only use the finest materials available and innovative technology for clever detailing. As a result you obtain a well thought out kitchen with clear concepts, aesthetic forms and imaginative functions.

Multifaceted and inspiring. Discover a kitchen collection that fits your lifestyle perfectly. Come on an exciting journey and experience the most beautiful combinations of design and functionality. From breakfast with the kids to a quick lunch or a big evening meal, every detail is designed around you and your family. We create your special room setting for cooking and living an enjoyable life.


With chic, modern kitchen door styles, the ‘modern’ category is clear, multifaceted and functional. The focus is on clean structures with unconstrained fronts and many colour variations, including RAL colours. In the ‘modern’ kitchen line, you will discover many beautiful finishes that inspire you from the first moment. Whether you want flat door colours, wood grain veneers or laminate concrete effects, with modernity, you have so much to choose from. With the kitchen being the hub of any home, we help you to think outside the box and create a design just for you.


Pure and inspiring.

Depending on the design, the channel handles are sat neatly behind the doors and drawers, creating a sleek and uncompromised look to the kitchen, the channel handles lay your focus on the doors themselves as they are not taking your eyes away from the beautiful door finishes you can choose from. You can also choose our Sensomatic option, ensuring that pull-outs and drawers slide effortlessly in and out with a simple touch.

Touch latches are also available for designs where you want elements of handleless, working in harmony with handles or channels together.

Modern Country

With attractive country style doors that also work in an urban environment. The modern country styles are homely and sophisticated, bringing you the feeling of classic furniture and warmth to your home. With high quality materials and loving details, the country range will really create the perfect family space for you to enjoy.


Your new dream kitchen consists of many well thought out details. From soft close hinges and drawers, to smart organisational systems, clever corner solutions and impressive lighting. We take the time to get the most out of your space. Whether your kitchen footprint is large or small, we take care not to lose space, making sure you get the most out of all that is on offer. With these elements taken into consideration, your kitchen life and experience will be much more pleasurable, particularly when planned and designed well.

Quality and precision in every detail. In order for you to enjoy your kitchen for many years to come our German supplier test all their components in their test laboratory, ensuring you are buying the best quality that gives you the maximum longevity and value for money.

We have been selling this German brand for over 26 years. It has proven to be of outstanding quality, to the extent that we often re-vamp existing Funktional kitchens with new doors when fashions change, or when you just fancy something new. We often re-vamp kitchens that we have sold and are now owned by new families. This works well as a selling tool for your property, as all you need to do is tell them that the kitchen is from Funktional Kitchens and we can change/update or add elements to the existing units or room.

So, these kitchens are truly built to last and they really do.