Timeless 1909 Range

Timeless 1909 is a collection of classic painted timber kitchens, adapted and constructed to meet the aesthetic and functional demands of the 21st century. Following timeless, traditional interior characteristics our ‘Timeless 1909’ range has been developed to suit any style of home.

At its core, ‘Timeless 1909’ has two definitive appearances: the perennially classic Shaker and a contemporary Slab, all built within traditional, in-frame construction. These door styles work equally well on their own, or combined to create a style unique to you. Both styles provide a beautiful canvas, from which each kitchen can be finished with an extensive palette of stunning colours. We can include intricate beading options, door furniture and handles, resulting in a truly individual kitchen, from cleverly detailed opulence, to simple, understated sophistication.

‘Timeless 1909’ is a British brand and as such, is committed to show the ethos and qualities of great design, skilled craftsmanship and outstanding service. It is a distinctive collection that has developed organically. Embracing natural materials, practicality, durability, and style, whilst being wholly accessible and adaptable to any interior design approach.


Shaker is an enduring familiar kitchen look that works well within a traditional or modern home. The simple and elegant in-frame design is free of excessive decoration. Shaker kitchens are timelessly styled with clean lines and a quality finish with high functionality. The Shaker story dates back to the 1650’s and is still with us today.


This look carefully combines classical styling with embellished detailing, whilst remaining understated and graceful. By adding a Georgian bead to the inner frame of the shaker door, this really brings a beautiful and elegant finish to this style of kitchen.


This door shows us where intricate frame detailing meets the classic Shaker, offering an elegant twist on the timeless style. Just adding a simple groove detail to the outer frame and leaving the doors in their simple shaker style, this 19th century inspired detail brings yet another elegant innovation to choose from.

Quarter Round Linear

This simple and functional style has a subtle variation within this collection. By adding a quarter of a round bead to the inner shaker door profile, it creates a softer rounded element to the door, reducing the look of the sharper edges of the inner frame.

Half Pencil & Scalloped

This is another intricate detail to the inner shaker frame, but a little more ornate. By adding the ‘half pencil and scalloped style of beading, this really brings true elegance to the kitchen. It brings an element of grandeur to the range and works beautifully with lay on ornate plinths, especially around dressers and side boards.


The simple form of the Slab door allows for flowing and elaborate layouts, even on a relatively modest footprint. With a slick and inviting look, instead of the shaker door, we have placed a simple flat faced door within the traditional frame.  This style works well in any setting. This contemporary design pairs well with any industrial, modern or traditional home.


The Timeless 1909 collection can be painted in a choice of 32 exquisite colours, each carefully created by industry-leading designers and equally suited to traditional or contemporary homes. From muted neutrals and profound monochromes, or vibrant colours creating a statement to match any mood; there’s no need to limit yourself to just one. Use our painted swatch card within the brochure to help turn your kitchen dreams into reality.