Porter door. Portal cut out handle. Bay Green colour.

New Outline Range

New Outline Kitchen Range

  • Over 2,500 design configurations.
  • New, exciting, integrated-handle styles.
  • Innovation and flexibility in our best selling door families. Meeting the demand for more personalised and tailored kitchens without breaking the bank.

6 Popular Door Families

Outline includes some of our most popular kitchen door families.

Porter – the best-selling modern slab door. Create your versatile and unique kitchen by including an integrated, cut-out handle in different styles. Lacquered paint.

Hunton –  A unique, modern Shaker with a narrow frame design and one-piece construction.  A versatile Shaker that suits any room setting. Pair with the Edge integrated handle. Smooth painted finish.

Mornington Shaker – a best-selling woodgrain Shaker. Five piece real timber construction. Narrow frame with ash grain texture. Pair with the Edge integrated handle. Matt painted finish.

Also available in Fitzroy, Mornington Beaded and Crathorne doors. Ask instore for further details.

4 Integrated Handle Options

  • Portal – Circular shape. Pairs perfectly with a modern slab door. A Scandinavian-inspired design with a retro feel.
  • Edge – Rectangular cut-out in the perimeter of the door. Slightly rounded corners soften the appearance. Can be used with all six door options.
  • Channel – Linear rectangle that is contemporary and reserved. Slightly rounded edges create an ergonomic handle for the Porter door. Add a striking backplate colour for ultimate sophistication.
  • Extended Channel – Bold geometry creating an ultra-modern appearance. Functional and stylish for slab doors. Particularly effective on wide drawers and islands.

8 Handle Backplate Options

Oak – Create a timeless style that complements darker, natural tones.
Walnut – Classic and traditional to enhance a warm and welcoming room.
Carbon – Intense and bold. The smooth finish creates a striking feature.
Painted colour – Match your handle cut-out to the door colour for a unifying effect.
Antique Bronze effect – Opulent, strong and warm with subtle brush lines.
Brushed Brass – A modern brass with a delicate brushed effect. It gently reflects light with its polished satin appearance.
Aged Brass – Rustic, mottled and traditional. Richly metallic to add extra interest.
Bright Copper – Modern, rich and bold with a subtle brushed effect. Highly reflective and distinctive.